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What are the functions of ski poles?

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2022-05-30 14:12

1. Balance, ski poles help to maintain the balance of the person's body when skiing, you can use the ski poles to support the body on the snow to stabilize the body before leaning or falling down;

The most important thing in skiing is to maintain the balance of the body, but when you step on the skis, it is not like wearing shoes. You will find that your body is out of control, plus the smoothness of the ski trails, people can't stand firm at all. To maintain balance, you can only adjust your posture with the help of ski poles. Using ski poles on the snow is like an extra crutch, which makes people feel stable and secure.

2. Acceleration, when you need to increase the skiing speed, you can use the ski poles to support the ground to assist, which is an important tool for speeding up;

The joy of skiing also lies in the thrill of extreme speed. Passionate people are chasing after each other on the slopes, constantly accelerating with ski poles. Whether it is for personal fun or participating in ski competitions, using ski poles to speed up is always an important training. If you are a novice, try to avoid speeding up. It is better to practice smooth sliding first. Too fast speed is easy to fall.

3. Control the direction, whether it is to follow the slide turn or avoid others, you need to rely on the ski poles to change the direction.

It is difficult to rely on the skateboard on the bottom of the foot to adjust the direction when the slide turns and avoids others, which requires the use of ski poles to change the sliding trajectory. In some ski resorts with many tourists, if one fails to avoid it in time, one person may fall over a large area, so using ski poles to control the direction is also a skiing skill that beginners must learn.

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