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Trekking poles need to be maintained like this

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2022-05-30 14:10

The trekking poles are recommended to be placed after necessary maintenance after mountaineering. The recommendations are as follows:

① First, disassemble the trekking poles in sections, that is, the sections are separated;

Then, rinse the surface mud with clean water, and dry it with a cloth. It is recommended to use a microfiber car towel (some outdoor stores use the quick-drying towel);

Check the locking system for cracks or structural changes; check the wear of the tip, if it is almost flat, it is recommended to replace the tip and install it as it is.

② Maintenance method of handle and inner lock:

For the handle, it is recommended to use a small toothbrush with soft bristles and neutral soap or washing powder to lightly brush the surface. After brushing, put it in a cool environment to dry, do not expose to the sun.

It is recommended to regularly check the tightening state of the nut and the circlip for the inner lock. If this is broken, the inner lock will expand during use, and the plastic parts and bolts will fall off, causing the lock to fail.

It is recommended to check the state of the fasteners on the inner lock frequently, and use non-animal grease to properly coat the metal parts of the inner lock to prevent oxidation.

③ Notes:

It is strictly forbidden to use a stick to pull people: no matter how good the trekking stick is, it may fall off. Using the stick as a pulling tool is very likely to cause accidents.

It is strictly forbidden to point up: The reason is that the point of the stick is very sharp. If the point of the stick is pointed up when walking, once the person walking behind accidentally falls forward, it is likely to be stabbed by the point of the stick and cause injury. Therefore, in any case, the tip of the stick can only go down, and it is strictly forbidden to go up.

Regularly check trekking poles: almost all inner locking trekking sticks use threaded expansion structures, and the threads will always loosen slowly when used for a long time; especially the trekking sticks used in the left hand, due to the habitual external rotation of the arm, it will cause mountaineering The poles unlock gradually, so every time you walk, it's a must to stop and check your trekking poles and tighten them up.

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