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How to use mud mop

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2022-05-30 14:09

Regarding the function of the mud support, the general saying is that it can increase the buoyancy of the trekking pole on the soft ground, that is, reduce the pressure on the ground; so many donkeys feel that walking on hard ground does not need to use the mud support, in fact, this is wrong.

The mud support can not only reduce the pressure of the trekking pole on the ground, but also prevent the tip of the pole from getting too deep into the gap, resulting in unintentional breaking.

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How to adjust trekking poles

2022-05-30 14:08

Generally, three-section trekking poles have two sections that can be adjusted. First, loosen all the trekking poles.

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How to use the wristband is very important

2022-05-30 14:07

When most people use trekking poles, they hold the handle of the trekking pole tightly and exert force, thinking that the function of the wristband is only to keep the trekking pole from leaving their wrist. In fact, the wristband also has the function of borrowing and transferring.

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