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How to use the wristband is very important

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2022-05-30 14:07

When most people use trekking poles, they hold the handle of the trekking pole tightly and exert force, thinking that the function of the wristband is only to keep the trekking pole from leaving their wrist. In fact, the wristband also has the function of borrowing and transferring.

When we use trekking poles to go downhill, the impact force of trekking poles should be transmitted to our arms through the wrist strap;

When going uphill, the thrust of the arm is transmitted to the trekking pole through the wrist strap to generate the assistance of the uphill. So when our wrist goes through the wristband, we should not reach directly from the top of the wristband to grab the handle, but we should pick up the wristband, thread it under the wristband, press the strap into our palm, and then Grab the handle lightly. Support the trekking poles through the wrist straps, rather than gripping the handles tightly. If there is a buckle, make some adjustments, remember not to affect the operation of the trekking pole.

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