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How to use trekking poles

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2022-05-30 14:07

① Flat ground:

Stand still on the flat ground, hold the trekking pole, the arm hangs down naturally, use the elbow as the fulcrum, raise the forearm, make the forearm parallel to the ground, and form a right angle of 90° with the upper arm, at this time, hold the trekking pole, the tip of the stick is downward perpendicular to the upper arm. The length of ground contact is the correct length for trekking poles on flat ground. Just lock each section of the trekking pole, and then adjust the other trekking pole that has not been adjusted to the same length as the one with the locked length.

② Uphill with steeper slope:

Compared with walking on the flat ground, the length of the trekking pole needs to be shortened a little on the uphill road with a large slope, which depends on the slope. The arms drive the trekking poles to be placed in front of or above the body, and then use the wrist strap to support the body to walk up, which can effectively reduce the load on the legs. If necessary, you can use two trekking poles at the same time to do the climbing action. Grip the handle firmly to increase power.

③ Downhill:

Adjust the length of the trekking pole to be slightly longer than the normal length of walking on a flat road, which is also determined according to the actual situation. When stepping down, insert the trekking pole in front of the body first, and must land on the ground before the front foot to achieve the effect of sharing the force.

Because when going downhill, the cane has to bear more weight than usual, so the sections of the cane must be fully fixed and firm to avoid the danger of body imbalance caused by sudden retraction when the weight is put on.

In the same way, you must pay attention to the place where the cane falls. The arm should apply a little pressure when the cane falls to the ground to see if the location is reliable. Do not encounter places that are easy to collapse, such as thin mud, empty floating grass below, and easy collapse. Cliffside gravel, etc.

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① Prevent waist injury; ② Reduce at least 20% of the force applied to joints such as legs and knees; ③ Increase walking speed by at least 15% and save 30% of strength; ④ Provide a stable grounding point.

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