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What are the structures of trekking poles

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2022-05-30 14:06

At present, three-section adjustable trekking poles are generally used in mountaineering and traversing activities, with aluminum alloy/titanium alloy struts, carbon tungsten steel pointed tips, handle pads designed according to the palm, and a snow ring that can be quickly disassembled; advanced trekking poles also Equipped with a shock absorber system to reduce the burden on the arm! The following is a brief introduction to each part.

① Handle:

Usually made of materials such as rubber, cork, plastic and foam. Generally speaking, the first two materials are more comfortable to grip, but the price is also more expensive.

The handle of some trekking poles is 15 degrees from the pole, which is derived from the design of ski poles, and it is easier to withstand the ground when going downhill to achieve the effect of braking. However, it is not easy to stand up to the ground when going uphill or walking on flat ground. You must be proficient in using trekking poles to get used to it; therefore, it is not suitable for beginners or people who only walk on flat ground.

② Wristband:

This is the most important part to consider when purchasing trekking poles, because the mutual transmission of strength between trekking poles and the user's body is mainly completed through the wrist strap, so the durability, softness, comfort and width of the wrist strap material should be considered.

In addition, it is best to choose a wristband without a buckle. The length of the strap can be adjusted to facilitate the movement of the wrist; if a buckle is attached, be sure to try it on to ensure that it will not affect the movement of the wrist or palm.

③ Support rod:

The material of the strut is usually carbon fiber, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy; especially carbon fiber has the characteristics of lightness, hardness, stiffness and good toughness.

④ Suspension system:

The shock absorber system is equipped with a spring inside the trekking pole, which can buffer the impact force as needed, and the price is more expensive than trekking poles without a shock absorber system.

According to the correct way of use, use the trekking pole to push back when going uphill, and use the trekking pole and the legs to bear the downward impact force of the body when going downhill. The shock system will reduce the backward thrust, that is to say, it takes more thrust to achieve the same effect as the general trekking poles. At this time, the shock absorber system becomes an unnecessary device.

⑤ Ski ring:

The ski ring can prevent the trekking poles from sinking into the mud. However, there are many thorns and shrubs in the climbing environment, and the ski ring will hinder the convenience of movement. Therefore, it should be noted that the ski ring should be able to be disassembled and assembled quickly so as not to cause trouble.

⑥ The tip of the stick:

Materials include rubber head, iron, tungsten-cobalt alloy, etc. Tungsten-cobalt alloy is the hardest, the most expensive, and the cheapest rubber head, but it is also less able to cope with rugged outdoor terrain, and its wear resistance is not as good as tungsten-cobalt alloy.

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