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The most complete instruction manual for trekking poles, making your outdoor activities super easy!

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2022-05-30 14:04

Outdoor sports are of course inseparable from equipment

Trekking poles are essential equipment for outdoor sports

almost all backpackers

Will use them in mountain hiking

But do you really use it when you travel outdoors?

Many ALICE friends are holding mountaineering poles

But a closer look will reveal

80% of people use or even hold the mountaineering battle

have some problems

So Xiaobian today to popularize

How to use trekking poles

Other news

What are some good trekking poles to recommend?

2022-05-30 10:52

Trekking poles can reduce the burden on the legs and prevent falls. With the assistance of trekking poles, the climbing process is like changing from walking on two legs to walking on four legs, which is more stable and improves the propulsion when walking. Especially for beginner climbers, or if you are not very confident in your physical strength, trekking poles can help you.

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